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The discovery of the presence of two major body poles not only gives us an understanding of the source of the 12 meridians, but also explains the complementary connection between pairs of meridians, such as the lungs and the large intestine, or the heart and the small intestine etc. The polarity model clarifies the picture with respect to the important role parents play in feeding those poles. Mothers nourish our female pole with feminine energy, while fathers feed the masculine one the same way.

The more love parents give to their children during childhood and adolescence, the more charged and strong will their poles be and the dynamic flow of energy between the organs and meridians will be more powerful, providing them with better vitality and resistance to disease.

The polarity of the human body and the correspondence of the poles with the feminine and masculine aspects is the source of sexual attraction. A man and a woman are attracted in much the same way as opposite magnetic poles. Energy is transmitted between the positive-male pole in a man’s pelvis and the negative-feminine pole of the woman creates signs of sexual excitement, starting a process that continues through orgasm. Polar imbalance, the result of lack of love from one or both parents, is a serious element explaining sexual dysfunction, from impotency to homosexuality.

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